After a 4 month mini furlough to visit family, friends, our home church, and supporting churches in the States, our family is now back home in our new city located in North East China! We are so excited to be back and entering this new season of our life and ministry…Church planting!!! It seems surreal… Read More

So the week before my parents arrived in China, my 6 weeks of “maternity leave” ended and the time came to re-start my language study. My first day back at class was pretty rough. It turns out, if you don’t use much Chinese over a 3 month period, you will forget some things! Who knew?… Read More

So sorry for the lack of posts here this week… Saturday afternoon we tried out a “new to us” little restaurant near our school. The place wasn’t exactly the nicest…or let me say cleanest…that we’ve been too in a while, so on Sunday morning I woke up pretty sick. That’s not really unusual but… Here… Read More

May brought along the first signs of spring here in Northeast China, and our days are finally longer!! A big Hooray is in order!! To give you an idea…. In the winter, (and you can check me on this one hehe!) the sun rises around 7am is completely gone by 4pm. This can make a… Read More