So here it is…The moment you’ve all been waiting for!   I’ve had messages galore from curious minds….   Are you ready?   Last week, we made our big trip to Beijing for our 20 week scan. This scan was especially important to us having the history that we have. While in Beijing, we were… Read More

So this post is my first regarding “differences.” These posts will deal with the things I have had to get used to this year, how I’ve handled the process, and what I’ve learned through them. The first subject will be a series of three posts….my husband would be so proud! I’m also going to combine… Read More

Let’s just be honest…. What is a birthday without gifts? While writing about Wesley’s birthday a while back (it was a great day…wasn’t it?) I left out one …tiny…little detail about our special day. A special gift… And as I said before….really….what is a birthday without gifts?? lol We were SO surprised to receive such… Read More

Twenty weeks: The halfway point in a woman’s pregnancy. To the average mother, whose pregnancy seems to be healthy and normal , the twenty week check-up is exciting! It means answering the big question, “boy or girl?” seeing your little one’s beautiful face, and getting pictures of tiny hands and feet. It is a wonderful… Read More

A mother knows her baby from the moment she reads the “positive” pregnancy test, and I knew almost immediately that something was different about our little one (my first thought was to put the word “wrong” here instead of “different”, but there is nothing “wrong” about this baby. God’s plan can never be “wrong.” )… Read More

WARNING:  This is going to be a long post.This means if you’re like me, and you don’t read many blog posts that are over 300 words, you may not want to start this one. 🙂 Let me start by saying “Thank You.” Thank you to the thousands who have been praying for our family. I… Read More

This song was written by a mother (along with her husband) who carried her baby 34 weeks knowing the baby would not live soon after birth. I may never listen to it again because it is so hard for me to listen to without getting crazy emotional, but the words are so close to my… Read More