Well, it’s technically been spring since April. That’s when the temperatures started warming and the snow started melting away. But, for me, Spring isn’t here until it’s warm, the sun is shining, and the trees are blooming. And in Northeast China, that’s right around the first week of May! I had initially hoped it would… Read More

So every year (or at least the last two 😉 ) I write a post about the beginning of the warm weather season here in our city. I write about it mostly due to the fact that the winter is so long that it’s just too awesome not to write about!! Last spring was really… Read More

May brought along the first signs of spring here in Northeast China, and our days are finally longer!! A big Hooray is in order!! To give you an idea…. In the winter, (and you can check me on this one hehe!) the sun rises around 7am is completely gone by 4pm. This can make a… Read More